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Reaping the Rewards through a Sports Trophy

At the end of any gruelling sports competition, whoever won the trophy, whether team or player, matters most, far outweighing on how good was the team play or the strategy of the player. Being rewarded a deserving trophy might be considered more like a psychological remuneration but even then to be afforded with one after a hard competition is well worth it. The beneficial effects of winning a trophy for a team or individual player are that the efforts invested by them have finally been recognized, as well as encouraging them to aspire more to succeed in future competitions. Even the non-winners are also affected by the rewards of what a trophy brings, such that they, too, are equally motivated to aspire better in future sports competitions.

With all the above consequences that a trophy can bring to a sports player, the awards committee must ensure that the kind of trophy that will be awarded must be of quality material and appropriately designed. In order to come out with a quality trophy, these considerations must be of most concern: weight, detail, size, material, and age of recipient. A trophy that feels light and small is disappointing to the winner as he will feel not fully compensated with his efforts; therefore, a deserving trophy must be weighty and celebrated in the right size, representing the enormity of the player’s effort and struggle. The quality trophies are those that are made of resin material and plated with a dark gold finish, however, above this and which is more expensive are trophies that are made of glass or crystal. When it comes to glass trophies, you have a choice on the jade edged glass, which is more expensive, and soda glass, although both can be hand or machine-produced. Crystal trophies are outstanding to look at and they come in the variety of 24% lead and optical crystal, both of which can be hand or machine made. A more impressive trophy should have details to its design concept as this enhances more the kind of competition being played, as well as customizing the design to allow for a more fitting award. Trophies are accorded with age, so that in a kids competition, the trophy design must look creative and fun to hold, while in a professional competition, the kind of trophies must be pricey and of classic design. Finally, the engraving is a part component of producing a good, quality trophy and this can be done by using any of the following: manual, computerized, lathing, pillar drills, and circular saw. Manual engraving can be for small jobs as this work takes too long while computer machines can easily speed up the work.

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