Keep Things a Little Playful, a Little Exciting, for the Best Blend of Sexy Text Messages

The most welcoming way to talk dirty is through text message. It is just easier. It is especially helpful for anyone who is hesitant, reserved, or afraid of the two worst parts of talking dirty at all: the feelings of awkwardness or desperation.

Texting makes it easier by giving the sender time to think the message’s contents over. They don’t have to reply right away. They can set up their feeling, emote what they honestly feel, and find the chord they want to strike.

It is sexy to have that energy of a bad girl turned on. It is also sexy to have a bit of innocence and naivety, setting the stage for a situation of turning a girl naughty. It’s a common fantasy and one that he will just eat up.

Keep Feelings Authentic

But, all of these feelings have to have some basis in authenticity. There has to be a sincere feeling to appear that way, whether it is naughty or nice, ambiguous or direct. The feeling has to come from a place of some kind of comfort mixed with a little bit of danger and excitement. This is the best way to send sexy text messages that he will just absolutely connect with.

Excitement and Comfort

The excitement is just the icing on top. The majority of it is a place of standing ground and acting authentic and sincere about feelings. For example, an innocent girl may have a hard time pretending to be the naughty girl. It just won’t work for long. He may see through it. If he responds naughty as well, it just creates confusion. Everyone is sent down a rabbit hole they didn’t want to go down in the first place.

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If there is a real desire to be naughty, that’s different. Tap into that. Tease and play with him to get his attention. This way, there’s a sense of naughtiness without breaking that mold.

When texting, there’s also time to think it over. But, there has to be a little spontaneity to keep it engaging and on the edge. This is the best balance for sending messages that will work him up. Stick to the message and tone, push it a little further, and keep him drawn in with teasing and playfulness.