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Getting a home loan is something most people will apply for at some point in their lives. The home loan process is not always an easy and stress-free path and many prospective buyers will attest to that. Getting a mortgage approved can take what seems like forever. Most people choose to go after the more traditional financing offers from banks and well known lenders that are commonly offered. Traditional mortgages typically lock in a low interest rate and a fixed payment that works best for homeowners to afford. The idea of having a fixed or locked in interest rate is preferable for most as there is a monthly payment that never rises or changes with the years that pass.

Another type of traditional loan is one where there are interest only payments that end in a large balloon payment at the end. Home lenders that offer interest only loans for a few years appeal to home buyers that foresee their income rising over the next few years and want to be able to rely on lower payments at the beginning as they rise higher in their income and investments over time. Prospective buyers also like to choose between fifteen year and thirty year mortgage terms. People that choose fifteen year mortgages often do so because they are able to pay higher monthly payments and own their homes free and clear much sooner. There is a type of home loan that has been offered to people having troubles qualifying known as a subprime loan. Subprime loans are given to those that have low credit, low income, or have limited documentation of their income.

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This option is usually the only one for people that have these issues and can’t secure traditional financing. The subprime lenders will offer their loan for a higher interest rate because they are taking a risk in lending. Buyers that are considering this type of mortgage need to strongly consider if their finances can comfortably afford the payment that they will need to pay every month. It will require going over all bills and expenses and comparing that to income to see if it is truly affordable without a major hardship. Anyone considering a subprime loan needs to ensure that they are able to comfortably afford the payments without experiencing issues that could make it harder on them and that they are willing to pay the higher interest to achieve their goal of being a home owner.

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